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Getting Started with Self-Education

It can be difficult to take full responsibility for your own education and find the resources you need to succeed. These introductory articles will help you get started.

Learning Techniques & Ideas

Understanding how learning occurs can help you become a better learner. These articles focus on the theories and techniques behind the learning process.

Great Thinkers on Self-Education

I’m clearly not the first person to write about self-education. Learn what these great thinkers had to say on the subject.

Ivy League Education at Home

A classical education can give you insight into the world and provide you with the background necessary to be a successful leader. In this series, I outline subjects studied in the liberal arts core provided by most Ivy League colleges. Then, I direct you to no-cost resources you can use to learn at home.

The Great Books

Reading the great books is one way many independent learners educate themselves. Learn why these books are so important and familiarize yourself with the classics in the Great Books in 60 Seconds series.

Alternatives for Teaching and Schooling

Almost everyone agrees that traditional schools are dealing with some very serious problems. In these articles, I examine the issues they face and offer some alternatives.

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