July 29, 2009, 21 Comments

A Bibliography for Lifelong Learning Enthusiasts If you want to know more about self-education, your best bet is to start reading. Over the years, I’ve kept a list the best […]

Free Self-Ed eBook: Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar

July 22, 2009, 11 Comments

When James Bach was a young teen, he dropped out of high school to learn on his own. Teachers said that he’d end up pumping gas for a living. But, [ ...

5 Ways You Can Support Self-Education on the Web

June 16, 2009, 8 Comments

The web is an amazing collection of no-cost resources for lifelong learners. I’ve shared hundreds of resource links on this blog and there are milli ...

Ivy League Education at Home Part 5: The Arts

June 4, 2009, 2 Comments

The arts are an essential part of any classical education. Examining a painting or listening to a masterpiece can draw out the humanity in all of us. ...